What is Toxic Home Syndrome?

What is Toxic Home Syndrome?


“Toxic Home Syndrome is where a person’s health deteriorates because of the air in their home – increasing the risk of cancer and heart disease”  according to this very interesting and informative piece in The Daily Mail

This piece was written in the UK, but the very same risks exist here at home in The United States.  Apparently 15.3 million homes are at risk of toxic home syndrome in the UK, with a much smaller population than the US.  One can extrapolate that the numbers are much higher stateside.  These are some scary statistics for sure.

It seems that the mundane, daily things we do in our homes are putting us all in harms way. From cooking to cleaning, there are risks involved and it is important to understand them and know ways to limit their impact on you and your family.

Most important is to have proper ventilation in your house. Most people don’t think too much about this and they often ignore the need to have clean air circulating throughout their homes. This can be worse in winter months when windows are closed and the homes are insulated and sealed to protect against the cold.

The infographics in this article are very helpful in providing a visual representation of what is actually taking place.  The more you know, the more you can do.  Avoid toxic home syndrome and read up!